Wednesday, 23 May 2018

2018 Program

Tickets for each event for sale at the door of that event
Light refreshments, coffee, wine and other treats can be purchased at some events

Friday 3rd August 2:30 pm Gold coin
Crown Hotel, 8 Lyons St, Cnr Lyons & Panmure Streets, Newstead
Colloquium: Piracy
Drs Emily Hudson and Dave Stratton

Every year, Nick Hudson has written a piece that explores a particular word. This year he is no longer with us in the corporeal sense. His daughter Emily will channel him, accompanied by Dave Stratton.
If you were invited to a “pirate party”, what would you bring (1) a peg leg and a black skull and crossbones hat, or (2) a laptop and a fast internet connection? In this colloquium, legal expert Dr Emily Hudson discusses the etymology of the word “piracy”, famous pirates (both fictional and real), and legal dimensions of their practices, including how “piracy” has become one of the best-known metaphors of intellectual property law.
We hope the usual lively discussion will ensue

Saturday 4th August 10am sharp
Newstead Rural Transaction Centre, 45 Lyons St, Newstead Gold coin
Clever Town Challenge

Will Newstead regain the title? Come and join the mayhem. No devices allowed - books only. Want to know more? Ring David 0428 310825

Saturday 4th August 2 pm
Welshmans Reef Winery, Newstead/Maldon Road $10
'Sup with the Lingo
Professor Kate Burridge introduced by Dr Emily Hudson

Reknowned and highly entertaining linguist Kate Burridge will talk about some new developments in our language, and also some which are not so good. With help from her audience, she will try to sort ou which are which

Sunday 5th August 2 pm
Newstead Railway Station Arts Hub Gold coin
Art by Ann Berg, Chrisanne Blennerhassett,
Saide Gray, Belinda Prest

Four local artists have come together to create EarthBody, which runs through August at the Railway Arts hub. EarthBody is an exhibition that celebrates the unique features of the Central Victorian Landscape, its beauty, historical and geological significance and conservation issues. The artists express their connection to place through assemblage of natural materials, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture and installation, each creating work that expresses an experience of the Earth. This may be an expression of fragility of life, the changing landscape, issues related to climate change, or of personal transformation through loss.
EarthBody is open each weekend in August from 11am to 5pm some Fridays (TBA) or other times by arrangement. Contact Chrisanne: or Saide: 0419 543 667

Sunday 5th August 4 pm - 6pm
Newstead Railway Station Arts Hub Gold coin
Fire Stories

Fire Stories: creation and transformation ( event )
This event follows immediately after the opening of EarthBody at the Newstead Railway Arts Hub
For further information call Chris Johnston on 54 762457 or go to

Saturday 11th August 1 pm
Newstead Railway Station Arts Hub $5
Making Literature
Christie Nieman

Christie is an acclaimed and august author, especially of young people's literature. As Stars Fall, her most recent book, is a wise and insightful story about the young growing into the reality of rural life in Australia and how much the way we live our lives impacts on each other and 'non-human' beings. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear some insights at this workshop by this mother of twins who works so gently and thoroughly to maintain her exquisite writing craft

Saturday 11th August 3 pm
Newstead Railway Arts Hub $10 per adult $5 per child
Word Play on Paper: A poetry writing workshop
Saide Gray

Word Play on Paper. Come and enjoy the flow of your words into a sound and visual space at the Newstead Railway Arts Hub, using original artworks and other creative stimulus to enable words to flow. We will play with sounds, meanings, paradox and metaphor and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Saide has run a series of poetry workshops for all ages in differing settings and all have been fun!

Sunday 12th August
Poetry Opposite the Pub

An afternoon for poetry lovers - two events, back-to-back with time for afternoon tea $10 to attend both sessions, or $10 if only attending one session.
Ask for a wristband if you are coming back

Sunday 12th August 1:30pm
Newstead Community Centre, 9 Lyons St, Newstead $10
Warming Words
Cate Kennedy

Local writer Cate Kennedy will keep the chill away with her warm and accessible poetry, along with some words on the writing process itself. Cate is the author of three poetry collections, the most recent of which, “The Taste of River Water”, won the Victorian Premier’s Poetry Award in 2011. She lives and works in Castlemaine.

Sunday 12th August 3pm
Newstead Community Centre, 9 Lyons St, Newstead $10 or wristband
John Flaus reads John Ross McGlade

John Flaus & John McGlade
John Flaus, poet, actor and anarchist will read the poems of John Ross McGlade an ex-Newsteadian and published and award winning poet. John Flaus will read poems serious and funny from John McGlade's book and more recent poems.

Saturday 18th August 2 pm
Welshmans Reef Winery, Newstead/Maldon Road $5
Not Sydney
Robin Annear

Right from the start, Melbourne defined itself in opposition to Sydney. Robin will explore the history and currency of Melbourne's most enduring identity (and proposes 'It's not Sydney' as a proud slogan for the sovereign city of the south).

Saturday 18th August 7:30 pm
Welshmans Reef Winery, Newstead/Maldon Road $5
Thomas Martin Letter

Steve Walters, Peter Moloney & Brendan Walker

Thomas Martin lived in Strangways and Newstead between the 1850s and the 1880s. Around 1936, Thomas penned a letter to Frederick Ellis, Headmaster of Newstead Primary School, written to coincide with a 'Back To Newstead'. In the letter. Thomas reminisces about his own experiences, and aspects of life over that period. This vibrant and exciting document covers the local shops, churches, schools, bank crashes, the state of the roads, and much much more. The text of the letter is augmented by other sources of the era.

Sunday 19 August
Politics Opposite the Pub

An afternoon for political enthusiasts - three events, back-to-back with time for afternoon tea. $15 (includes afternoon tea) for as many, or as few, sessions that you want to attend.
Ask for a wristband if you are coming back

Sunday 19th August 1:30 pm
Newstead Community Centre, 9 Lyons St, Newstead $10
Has Democracy had its day?
Cheryl Kernot

Former Leader of the Australian Democrats, academic and political activist for most of her adult life, Cheryl will talk about whether representative democracy can work appropriately these days; and how hard it might be to change the current Australian system.

Sunday 19th August 2:45 pm
Newstead Community Centre, 9 Lyons St, Newstead $10 or bracelet
Gough Whitlam, the dismissal and the secret 'Palace letters'
Professor Jenny Hocking

Gough Whitlam's award-winning biographer Jenny Hocking is pursuing the release of letters between Governor General John Kerr and the Queen, through a Federal Court action against the National Archives of Australia. Under instructions from the Queen, these letters are embargoed. Do Australians know the full story of the dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and the extent of the Queen’s involvement? Jenny Hocking explores a matter that goes to the heart of questions of power and sovereignty in Australia, the secret role of the Palace in the dismissal of the Whitlam government, and her latest book, The Dismissal Dossier: Everything You Were Never Meant to Know About November 1975 – the Palace Connection.

Sunday 19th August 4:30 pm
Newstead Community Centre, 9 Lyons St, Newstead $10 or bracelet
On the Couch
Cheryl Kernot and Jenny Hocking interviewed by Genevieve Barlow

A local journalist will take up a more relaxed posture with the two women on the couch

Friday 24th 7 pm
The former Red Store, 16 Lyons Street, Newstead $10
Classical Music Soiree
Mark Shiell, Julian Cairns

Put a flautist a violin player and a pianist together and what do you get? There'll be music for sure and some fine food.
Lucy will be creating a range of delicious treats which you may purchase.

Saturday 25th August 1.00 pm
Newstead Railway Arts Hub $5 for attendees plus $10 for those wishing to use the bus for tour transport (only 10 seats available) ($5 conc)
Earthquakes and Volcanoes from PNG to Central Victoria
Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson, a researcher at Melbourne University, will speak about Tectonic Plates and how these influence our lives and the earth's movements, referencing Muckleford Fault, PNG's recent 7.4 Magnitude movements and Smeaton's, maybe slumbering, volcanoes, that overlook Newstead
Moving on to a short tour of the Smeaton Volcanoes. We may be able to use the community bus or people can just as easily carpool and it would be cheaper. Likely finish would be between 4 and 5 pm

Sunday August 26th 2 pm
Newstead Community Centre, 9 Lyons St, Newstead $20
Pay at the door

The Dunolly Follies
Dunolly Gilbert and Sullivan Society

An afternoon of musical mayhem for your delectation and delight. Join in to the Gendarmes Duet, Nobody loves a Fairy when she's Forty and various songs of frivolity. Under the watchful eye of Queen Victoria. (who is most amused)