Program - 2016

All events gold coin unless otherwise indicated

Weekdays throughout  August Please phone Dave on 0428310825 to check open hours,
Newstead Railway Station Arts Hub


Spiders are not only the most intriguing creatures, they are stunningly beautiful in life and in art.
Exquisite spider-jewelry from the collection of Dr Lynne Kelly, author of “Spiders: learning to love them”

Weekdays throughout  August. Please phone Dave on 0428310825 to check open hours,
Newstead Railway Station Arts Hub

Words and Images 
A multi-artist extravaganza of works that link pictures with the written word

Saturday August 6th 10am prompt Newstead Rural Transaction Centre

Clever Town Challenge

Will Newstead regain the title? Come and join the mayhem. No devices allowed - books only. Want to know more? Ring David 0428 310825

Sundays 2pm Welshmans Reef Winery 


Weekly Newstead Scrabble session. Call 0428 310825 to check there are enough boards

Saturday 6 August 2pm Welshmans Reef Winery $5


Whats wrong with copying? Renowned academic Dr Emily Hudson should know the answer, as she lectures on copyright law. The answer is not simple, but the search for it is great fun.

Sunday 7 August, 2pm, Welshmans Reef Winery $5

Volcano Dreaming
Those volcanoes near Creswick? Interweaving the folklore and the science.  Julie McHale - respected elder - will tell how they figure in Aboriginal songs and stories and Gary Gibson - eminent seismologist - will tell the geological tale

Saturday 13 August, 2pm, Welshmans Reef Winery $10 ($5 concession)

Kate Burridge

If Harold had beaten William at the Battle of Hastings how different would our language be?

Prof Kate Burridge will talk about some good new developments in our language, and also some developments which are not so good. With help from her audience, she will try to sort out sort out which are which

Sunday 14 August, 2pm Newstead Community Centre $20


Gilbert and Sullivan singalong concert

The Dunolly Gilbert and Sullivan Society visit Newstead again - this time with song sheets for the audience. Many favourites led by them.
Tickets online at

Friday 19 August, 3pm Dig Café, Newstead

Tyrannosaurus Rex.jpg

Clothes, Fashions and Names Colloquium

Nick Hudson and Dr Dave guide us, with the aid of Johnson and his dictionary, How have our clothes, and the words used to describe them, changed over
time and space. and in particular since 1788 in Australia? Your personal
experience will be welcomed.

Friday 19 August, 5pm Dig Café, Newstead

Kevin Moylan, Book Launch - One flew over the Kookaburra's nest

Kevin's whistle blowing book tells the shocking tale of goings on in the Tasmanian mental service and beyond.
Jill Illiffe (Executive Secretary of the Commonwealth Nurses Federation) wrote this foreword "Kevin Moylan is one of the bravest people I have ever met. I recommend Kevin's story to every nurse, patient and politician in Australia"

Saturday 20 August 2pm, Newstead Railway Station Arts Hub, $10 ($5 concession)


Song writing workshop

Saturday 20 August 7pm, Newstead Railway Station Arts Hub, Gold coin donation

Force of Destiny

Paul Cox's last ever film. Starring David Wenham

An exclusive, tiny, Newstead showing of this film - much of shot in Newstead/Sandon/Strangways

Read more and see the trailer at

Sunday 21 August 2pm, Newstead Railway Station Arts Hub, $10 ($5 concession)


Poetry writing workshop

Saturday 27 August, 2pm, Welshmans Reef Winery, $10 ($5 concession)

The Memory Code
In this session, Dr Lynne Kelly will explain the way indigenous cultures memorise vast amounts of practical information and why that explains the purpose of ancient monuments including Stonehenge, Easter Island and the Nasca Lines.

Not to mention The Memory Code recently published by Allen and Unwin

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